New year, old blog, an allergy to resolutions

“Back Alley Blue” ¬©Casey Clough 2017

I’ve started a Bullet Journal. I’m certain that at some point in the future, I will ramble on about all of the beautiful, time-consuming bullet journals there are on Instagram and Pinterest. Given my love of both good notebooks and fountain pens, the addiction is a natural one.

That’s not for today, though. On my list of tasks for January is one blog post. Just one. I’m not signing on for a 365 project I know I will never finish. I’m not joining any Instagram hashtag challenges. Not this year.

I’m working a full-time-and-then-some job, I’m working in therapy. The country and the world are uncertain and frightening places. I don’t know what direction I want to take this blog, take the photographic practice I have been ignoring.

For now, it is one blog post. One image taken in an alley near the Vortex Theater. One chair on a filthy patio that made me stop and look, both coming and going. One iphone photograph.

It’s a start.

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